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Data Intrapreneurs: The changemakers within organizations who are passionate about using data to drive strategic growth.


This course is excellent for anyone looking to deliver data-driven transformation. An overview of fundamental knowledge and practical tools to develop and execute your change strategy... Also the networking was great.


Jon Clay

Data & Transformation Leader, Solera

I would recommend this course to any Data Leader or Change Manager. A clear framework, starting with the WHY (why drive data transformation), moving to the WHAT (what are key elements) and ending with the HOW (How to driving a transformation).


Thierry Driver

Data Success Manager at The Information Lab

Honestly, I've never been a part of something in which the value has been so abundntly clear from beginning to end.


Jon Poulter

BI & Analytics Director, ABG

It was a mind-opening experience and I really recommend this course to anyone leading a datateam in the Digital Age or even a senior/experienced analyst supporting a leader. Theframeworks, practical steps, and unique, high-quality content provide clear guidance.


Jacqueline David Planas

Phd Student & Consultant

Regardless of whether you've implemented a data strategy, on the path to doing so (orsupporting someone who is), I strongly recommend taking a look at the course. It provides theframeworks, and simplifies the methods for some incredibly difficult challenges.


Adam Limrick


I'd recommend this course to any Data leader. Since completing the course I have used moreand more of the slides and processes in my own company.


Jon Busby

CTO, twogether

Why Data
Transformations Matter

The statistics are undeniable: data-driven companies outperform their peers. But as data intrapreneurs, we know it goes deeper than that.

Transform Your Workplace

Break free from repetitive tasks. Data transformations automate the mundane, giving people time for the work that truly matters.

Future-Proof Careers

Empower your workforce for the AI era. Data transformations create a workforce ready to embrace AI and solve emerging problems.

Drive Meaningful Change

Build a more adaptable organization. Data-driven business can better respond swiftly to global issues like climate change and sustainability.

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Why Data
Transformations Fail

Supposedly 70% of data transformations fail.  Whether you accept that stat or not, it is certainly true that many organisations are on their 3rd or 4th transformation and are not yet seeing the ROI they hoped for.


The Tech Mirage 

The tech sector will always say the latest tech will solve data challenges. Meanwhile data leaders invest in people and process over tools and achieved wonders with old tech.


Ad-Hoc Data Requests 

Without the ability to say no to low-impact work data teams end up spread thin over too many initiatives and lack the time to deliver strategic, high ROI data products. 


Reinventing the Wheel

Data transformation teams often spend too many time on solving problems like target operating models, comms plans, champions networks that others have already figured out.


Unsustainable Change

Data transformations often depend on consultants or are treated as side projects. This isn't sustainable and rarely sees success scale beyond, for example 10-15% adoption of data platforms. 


Endless Foundations

Too many data schools of thought preach a foundations first approach that has left organisations working on foundations for years and still 'not being ready' for self-serve or AI or... 


Stubborn Silos 

The highest ROI data work tends to be cross-functional or done by embedded business teams and yet many organisations still lack a roadmap to break down silos and establish spoke team.

How Datent is Different

Datent is built by a Data Intrapreneur for Data Intrapreneurs. We understand the frustrations with the data sector. We know that more data consultancies or SaaS solutions aren't the answer. That's why we didn't take that route and instead setup the first Data Intrapreneur Support system and why we commit to the following: 


Zero Tie-In

Empowering Your Team 
We develop your team's self-sufficiency and leadership in data transformation. Our services are designed to equip you with everything you need, without creating long-term dependencies. 



We believe in the power of community. We share all our research data, frameworks, and tools with our members and constantly strive to share more with the wider data community. 



We maintain complete impartiality to ensure our guidance is always in your best interest. We prioritize your transformation goals over potential affiliations or revenue-sharing opportunities.

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Data Accelerator
Program (Individual) 

Develop Your Data Strategy &  Leadership Skills 
Our 6 week accelerator programme give you the tools, coaching and support to create a strategy based on high impact data product and communications plan that secures organizational buy-in and boosts your career. We then continue to support you with years free membership of our Data Intrapreneur Community. 


Data Accelerator
Program (Enterprise) 

Become a Leading Data-Driven Organisation 
Our enterprise program brings together your leadership teams to build a cohesive data strategy, tied to measurable business outcomes whilst developing your leadership skills so that your leaders can drive lasting transformation across your business.

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Data Culture

Measure and Manage Data Culture  
Our data culture assessment was developed on a data transformation programme and has been refined to run at scale and give you actionable insights to guide your transformation journey and start exec conversations about data culture. This is not a one off service, but a repeat assessment to help you measure data culture and then manage it as a product. We're currently working with select clients on this and a dedicated page will launch soon. 

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Data Intrapreneur

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Our free newsletter offers valuable resources and insights on data strategy. Our more comprehensive data intrapreneur community platform provides ongoing support with webinars, meets ups and access to a growing repository of data strategy and operating model tools and frameworks.  It is under development and currently only open to participants on the Data Accelerator. Join our newsletter to be the first to hear about our paid community as it grows – stay tuned! 

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