Welcome to The Data Transformation Accelerator

Build a Strategic, Scalable Data Transformation Program

The Data Transformation Accelerator is a course and community experience designed to help you launch or re-launch a comprehensive, long-lasting data transformation. You'll develop a proven system, access time-saving tools, and connect with peers to scale data culture and deliver lasting value across your organization.

Is it for you?

This is for data leaders looking to accelerate their transformation journey at all points on the data strategy cycle.

Frustrated with the Status Quo

You're tired of endless "foundations" work and want to get measurable ROI from data work.

Refining Your Approach

You're looking to external best practices to assess your current transformation, identify gaps, and enhance your personal data leadership skills

Securing Executive Buy-In

You have a vision for data-driven change, but need help positioning it to get board sponsorship.

Ready to Accelerate

You've made progress but it is has been incremental change and now want a full data literacy rollout and platform adoption.

Relaunching Your Strategy

You have a need or opportunity to realign your data strategy with a new business strategy or to propose a data strategy

Data Leadership Development:

You're looking a leadership development course designed for data leaders that addresses everything from strategy development, to stakeholder and change management.

What’s included

Everything You Need to Launch and Sustain Data Transformation:

6-Week Intensive Program.  12 actionable webinars with frameworks, tools, and templates to develop a winning data strategy and transformation roadmap.

Personalised Support.  Two 1:1 coaching and six group mentoring sessions to overcome challenges and support your unique needs.

Proven Frameworks.  Access frameworks to prioritise data efforts, quantify ROI, and scale data culture effectively and more (below).

Exclusive Community.  A years access to our data intrapreneur community platform to share knowledge, access continually updated resources and get ongoing support.

Our materials.  Permanent access to recordings and materials from the sessions.

Certified course.  Data Strategy and Transformation course certificate on completion of the course.

How Datent's Approach Differs

Just like a fitness coach can't get you in shape alone, no third party can transform your organisation for you. It takes internal drive.

Many data frameworks prioritize the technical 
from data governance to the latest technologies over everything else.

Successful transformation case studies, and Datent's approach, invest first in people, then processes and systems, and finally in technical solutions.

Our People First Approach

Data doesn't do anything by itself but people can do amazing things with data. That's why our approach centers on empowering data leaders at all levels and in all areas of an organisation to drive lasting transformation. Our people first approach includes:

Leadership Development

Our materials and coaching sessions are designed to elevate your data leadership skills. Be equipped for the strategic conversations that drive change.

Coalition Building

We'll guide you through building the essential internal coalitions needed to succeed – from engaging sponsors and setting up effective steercos to cultivating data champions and designing the right team structures.

Community Support

Become part of our unique Data Intrapreneur network dedicated to supporting changemakers at all levels. Receive ongoing support tailored to your role, from BI evangelists to CDOs.

Enterprise Data Leadership

Our tailored cohort programs develop your leadership team through co-creating of data strategy and then support rollout by develop data leaders within functions to own and implement your data transformation.

Join Us

Get started with our current services for data intrapreneurs and transformations or find out more about our plans and roadmap

The 3 Data Transformation Systems

For both individuals and organisations sustainable change requires a focus on systems over one off efforts. That's why we've built our entire methodology around three core systems that we help you to start and then scale to deliver lasting change.

"You don't rise to the level of your goals you fall to the level of your systems"

James Clear, Atomic Habbits


Data Transformation Program Management

We provide the project management framework and change management tools essential for securing buy-in and scaling your transformation. We support you to build and maintain board sponsorship for the 3-5 years a data transformation can take.


Value-Focused Data Product Management

We teach processes that prioritise data work based on measurable outcomes (e.g. ROI) and support ongoing value assessment. This stops no and low value data requests and replaces endless busy work with a system for identifying and focusing on a small number of high-impact data products.


Data Culture as a Product

We've defined data culture in a way that enables you to measure it, manage improvements and show the returns.Our system helps you identify where to focus efforts based on impact, develop a data culture roadmap and make the case to invest in scaling change.

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